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Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a process which makes one meets the true soul of oneself. The soul is never impure or addicted to any sort of bad habits. It is pure and free from worldly habits. Hypnosis can be said to be other form of meditation. Here are the steps which can help to learn self hypnosis.

Step 1: Make Yourself Comfortable.

Before initiating the hypnosis process you need to put on the comfortable clothes which do not cut off the circulation of blood at any part of the body. The clothes should not act as a distracter. Make sure that your clothes are well suited to the weather.

Step 2: Silent Posture.

Sit or lie on a comfortable couch, bed or chair. Try to cut every sound which can distract you or attract you to the outer world. Have a posture which is most comfortable to you for longer duration. For instance try to avoid sitting with crossed legs or arms. Let every part of your body relax and have an open space to expand.

Step 3: Switch Off the Sounds.

To have quietness in the room where you are about to have self hypnosis switch off
the phones, music players, televisions and stay away from pets. Lock your room and try to give yourself a silent environment which can help you to get involved within you more deeply and consistently.

Step 4: Figure Out the Purpose.

Before beginning the process makes the purpose affirm in your mind that why are you doing self hypnosis because hypnosis has proved to be a solution to many of the problems. You may be carrying it out for relaxing, to get rid of certain addiction or for self motivation. Self hypnosis for pain has also been achieved and it has given relief to many of the health issues. This purpose is the center point of your focus and you should recite it frequently to affix it into your mind.

Step 5: Build a Focus.

It is the time to start with the process. There are various self hypnosis techniques that are acceptable. Building a focus is the crucial part of this process. It lays down the connection of your mind and soul. You can close eyes and start focusing on the visible darkness by looking at the tip of the nose or the space between the eyes. Some prefer to focus with open eyes by looking continuously at one point on the wall or somewhere else. This exercise is done to skip away all the thoughts that are coming to your mind and to avoid all sort of sounds around. You have to be self determined that you are sitting to focus on something very crucial to you and it would come to you only if you focus it strongly.

Step 6: Feel the Change in the Body.

Start realizing that your body will start feeling light because the burden of all the worldly tensions will vanish slowly from your body. If you gather any distractive thought then try to think about the things that soothe you. It may be nature, birds or the flowing water. Take slow or deep breaths to have a bright focus. Imagine that all your tensions have been sought out or all your pain has gone. This way you will get yourself into the world in which you want to live in and happiness will surround you.

Step 7: Sense the Lightness.

Try to frame picture of your every thought. Start thinking that you are floating fearlessly on the water with no effort. You are relaxed the way you wanted to be. If you attain this stage then you are very near to your goal. Start narrating your purpose in all the tenses. For instance if you are doing this for getting rid of a pain say that you were, are and will stay painless all your life. Don’t say anything which has negative sound in it. Avoid ifs, but, no and never and feel the positivity in your body.

Step 8: Exit Stage.

It is possible that in this deep thought you may fall asleep. But if it is not so and you feel calm and want to exit then imagine that the water is lowering down. At this stage you may feel a little weight on your chest or stomach. But do not stop to recite your purpose. When you are out of water visualize the stairs at your front. Look them deep and you will see that there are numbers written on all of them. Start to step on those stairs by clearly visualizing that at which number you have reached. When you will reach to the top most stairs you are very near to your goal. Then open your eyes and sleep with a light mind.

Once you have practiced this and carry it out regularly you can manage instant self hypnosis as well. In the crowd of hundreds you can figure out only one thing by building your focus. This won’t require number of steps. So practice it with a clean mind and take a deep look into how you become that you want to be!

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